What a Personal Injury Attorney Will Do for You

If you are seriously injured due to someone’s negligence, hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you is always a wise decision. Some people decide to manage small claims on their own. Although doable, keep in mind that seemingly minor injuries sometimes are more serious ones in disguise, intensifying weeks, even many months, after the initial incident. An already settled claim precludes reopening the claim or going to court — you’re basically hung out to dry. It never hurts to...
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Car Rental Insurance

Determining if You Need Rental Car Insurance If you need to rent a car, a “friendly face” at the rental counter will offer you various insurance options. Are any of them necessary? Are you at risk if you don’t purchase them? There are generally four prime insurance options available when you rent a car: A collision-damage waiver waives your financial responsibility if the car is damaged or stolen, and takes care of fees and charges for loss of use, towing,...
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When the Negligent Party is Immune from Liability

What happens in New Hampshire if one of the people at fault for someone’s injuries is “immune” from liability? An “immune” person or business is one that cannot, by law, be sued for negligence under certain circumstances. The New Hampshire Supreme Court just recently addressed this question in the case of Alfred Ocasio v. Federal Express Corporation in which the plaintiff sued Fed Ex when his leg was crushed by a rolling air can when it was trapped between a...
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