DWI/DUI Case File

Our client was parked in a parking lot, sleeping in his vehicle, with the engine turned off, keys in his pocket, and in his work uniform. He was far from home, but nearby where he was working, and chose to rest in his vehicle rather than make a long trip home, only to return in the morning.

A police officer approached our client’s vehicle during the night, detained him, and made him complete field sobriety testing. The officer then arrested our client and charged him with DWI. Our client was asked to submit to a breath test, which he agreed to do.

The officer had difficulty running the breath testing machine, and decided to deem our client a refusal, and took his drivers license.

Our criminal defense attorneys took the case to trial in the District Court, where the officer was questioned on the stand. We exposed how the officer treated our client improperly, and the officer’s testimony was called into question. Our client was ultimately found not guilty by the judge.