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Reasons Why Most PI Cases Settle

Over 95% of personal injury claims reach settlements rather than go to jury trials. Here are some reasons why….

When both parties exchange information/evidence they might present at trial (“discovery”), unpleasant surprises sometimes arise that could hurt their case. Also, those giving depositions may get flustered and utter something, or say too much, that complicates their situation.

Lawsuits are expensive for seemingly straightforward cases, let alone complex ones. Time and expense add up for expert witness fees, investigation, document and report preparation, travel costs, analyzing discovery, reviewing evidence, prepping witnesses, and arguing motions. And following a trial, the losing side may have to pay some of the opposition’s costs.

At trial, a judge might bar crucial evidence one side planned to present … or admit damaging evidence from the other side. The plaintiff may need to testify while in an emotionally vulnerable state. Plaintiff awards are typically higher at trials, but defendants might be completely exonerated, too. Leaving things in the hands of a jury is risky.

It typically takes several years from the time a lawsuit is filed until a verdict is reached. For an injured plaintiff unable to work, that’s a long wait to pay the bills. Even when a verdict is rendered, the losing side might file an appeal.

In most cases, what goes on in the courtroom is a matter of public record, including private information. Not everyone is comfortable with that.

For settlement agreements, the defendant likely will not have to admit liability. Many businesses like that idea to maintain their public reputation, they write a check and the case is over.

If you are injured by another party’s negligence, contact our firm. Whether by settlement or trial, we will fight for fair compensation for your injuries.