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Ginkgo Tree – New England

SEUFERT LAW OFFICE – Franklin, NH – On its Franklin Property, in New England, they have a beautiful Ginkgo Tree. Long prized in the East for its medicinal properties, the ginkgo is especially remarkable because it’s monotypic: there is only one species of ginkgo in the world, Ginkgo biloba.

The survival of the ginkgo is all the more remarkable because it nearly became extinct, disappearing from the fossil record in both Europe and North America. Preserved by Buddhist monks in their gardens in northern China, the tree was rediscovered by western scientists in the 19th century, and now the “living fossil” is planted all over the world. Valued for its graceful form and unusual, fan-shaped leaves, the ginkgo is also disease- and pollution-resistant, making it an excellent tree for urban environments. Plus, it has amazing longevity—ginkgoes can live to be more than 1,000 years old.

Tradition has it that if you catch a ginkgo leaf as it floats to earth, you’ll have good luck, but they’re actually quite difficult to catch. Because the leaves are fan shaped, their falling pattern is very erratic. As soon as you think you have it in your hand, it darts out of reach.

Feel free to stop by and share the magic of one of the few Ginkgo Trees in New England, right here on our property.