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Everyone’s Terrible at Driving in the Snow … Except our Wonderful Readers, of Course !

Winter is here, just a little late this year with the snow. But it seems that no one can drive in even two inches of snow, so we’re hoping to change that with these important winter driving tips from AAA:

• Take care of your car. This sounds basic, but it is one of the biggest factors in avoiding an accident. If you go into winter with a dying battery or bald tires, you’re asking for trouble. Who wants to be stranded on the side of the road in bad, and limited visibility, weather.

• Tell others your route and when to expect you to return. If something happens and you cannot personally call for help, your only hope will be that a loved one will realize something is wrong and investigate.

• Maintain at least a half-full tank of gas. This isn’t just to avoid running out of gas in a snowstorm; it’s also to avoid gas-line-freeze in the morning.

• Avoid cruise control. Cruise control gets very confused by slippery surfaces. Trust yourself to
make better driving decisions in your snowy neighborhood than your car’s manufacturers can. And hand’s free driving on snowy roads, well…

• Do one thing at a time, and do it slowly. Accelerating, turning, and braking should all be done with a lot of extra time and space, and should be done slowly. There is a lot that can go wrong when attempting maneuvers in ice and snow; don’t overwhelm your car with variables.

Remember, even if you’re a good winter driver, many others aren’t! Going out in bad road conditions carries a risk, are you willing to assume that risk. Make driving choices that keep everyone safe, and if anything ever happens or if you should get into an accident, our number is always right on this newsletter.