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DWI/DUI Arrest – Sobriety Test and Dismissed

Sobriety test for driver – our client was stopped for speed. The officer went up to the car and had a conversation with our client while he was sitting inside his car. During the conversation, the officer opened our client’s car door and asked him to step out, telling him to shut his car off. The driver did take the field sobriety tests and was arrested for DWI.

The criminal defense attorneys at Seufert Law filed a Motion to Suppress the Arrest. A motion to suppress is filed when the person who was arrested believes that there is evidence that the court should keep out because the officer got the evidence unlawfully. In this case, Seufert Law believed that the officer had no right to open the car door. The officer did not get our client’s consent to submit to those field sobriety tests, and was unlawfully taking him out of the car. Based on the motion filed by Seufert Law, the State dismissed the charge against our client.