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Happy Thanksgiving From Everyone at Seufert Law

Employees at Seufert Law Office wish each and every one of you a Blessed Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving has been a U.S. holiday every November since Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a day of “Thanksgiving and praise” in 1863. Many states also observe the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday to create the much anticipated long Thanksgiving weekend.

Because Thanksgiving is a federal holiday, it is observed by all levels of government, schools, public offices and most businesses. Families generally gather together for a turkey dinner and assorted traditional side dishes. Although many people also have Friday off, and retail stores are open for what we now call “Black Friday” one of the busiest shopping days of the entire year.

Various days of Thanksgiving had been celebrated in America since the earliest pilgrims arrived in the 17th century. In the public mind, the first Thanksgiving Day occurred in 1621 when the Plymouth Pilgrim community joined in a feast with local Indians to celebrate the first harvest that the colonists had reaped on American soil. Indeed, 90 Indians and 53 Pilgrims feasted for three days at that event, and it was an official day of giving thanks to God for his blessings.