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Is Tiger Woods Done – 5 Reasons Why He’s Far from Finished

He might be done. That’s been the tone when discussing Tiger Woods. It gained force when he missed the Masters for the third time in four years; a surgery and DUI arrest did nothing to hush those whispers. Hell, Woods himself fanned the flames at the Presidents Cup, acknowledging a future where he was finished with competitive golf.

Woods is familiar with these forecasts; people have questioned what’s left in his tank to varying degrees for years. And yet because of the mileage accrued — and they’ve been some hard miles — his latest comeback is cloaked in a finality that hasn’t existed in returns past. If this try goes south, Tiger may call it quits.

At least, that’s the insinuation. But no matter how this shakes out, this is far from the last chapter in Woods’ playing career. Here are five reasons why Woods is far from finished.

1. He’s finally pain-free

2. The gym work will pay off

3.  Club love

4.  Eye of the Tiger

5. Time is on his side

Via: MSN