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Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week

Why does the Fire Department block lanes of traffic at an auto accident?

The Fire Department will often block one or more lanes at the scene of an auto accident to provide room for the fire personnel to respond to the emergency. The extra space helps to keep the fire personnel safe from other traffic hazards.

What should I do if I smell gas in my house?

You should evacuate your family and pets from the house. Call 911 from a safe location or a neighbor’s house. Do not call 911 from inside your house. The use of a phone inside your home could ignite the gas.

What should I do when I see or hear an emergency vehicle coming towards me?

You should safely pull to the right side of the road. If you are unable to pull to the side, stop your vehicle and do not move until the emergency vehicle has passed you.

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Andover Fire Department 169 Main Street Andover NH 03216 603-735-5353

Wilmot Volunteer Fire Department 1 Firehouse Ln Wilmot NH 03287 4.6 miles from Andover 603-526-4524

Danbury Volunteer Fire Department 10 Danbury Woods Road Danbury NH 03230 8.2 miles from Andover 603-768-3652

Hill Fire Department 18 Commerce Street Hill NH 03243 8.3 miles from Andover 603-934-5350

New London Fire Department 172 Main Street New London NH 03257 8.4 miles from Andover 603-526-6073

Franklin Fire & Emergency Services 59 West Bow Street Franklin NH 03235 8.6 miles from Andover 603-934-2205

Sutton Volunteer Fire Department 2 North Road Warner NH 03278 10.3 miles from Andover 603-927-4740

Grafton Fire Department 5 Library Road Grafton NH 03240 10.7 miles from Andover 603-523-7500

Webster Fire Department 851 Battle Street Webster NH 03303 10.8 miles from Andover 603-648-2500

Warner Fire Department 27 East Main Street Warner NH 03278 10.9 miles from Andover 603-456-2222

Bristol Fire Department 85 Lake Street Bristol NH 03222 11.5 miles from Andover 603-744-2632

Tilton Fire Department 12 Center Street Tilton NH 03276 11.7 miles from Andover 603-286-4781

Springfield Fire-Rescue Department 2759 Main Street Springfield NH 03284 12.0 miles from Andover 603-763-4033

Sanbornton Fire Department 565 Sanborn Road Sanbornton NH 03269 12.6 miles from Andover 603-286-4819

Boscawen Fire Department 17 High Street Boscawen NH 03303 12.6 miles from Andover 603-796-2414