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Filing Bankruptcy During COVID-19

Filing Bankruptcy During COVID-19

The COVID19 pandemic has left many Americans out of work and struggling to keep up with debt payments. Filing for bankruptcy is an option for anyone who has debt they can not reasonably afford. However, the pandemic has led to several changes that you should be aware of before you start the process.

How to File Bankruptcy During COVID19

With the restrictions put on social gatherings, you may find it difficult to complete the bankruptcy process during COVID-19. Seufert Law can help. The process can be complete, but there are a few different rules we are all navigating together.

Virtual Meetings

We are offering video conferences to comply with safety guidelines. We can discuss your situation and if bankruptcy is right for you. All you have to do for a free consultation is go to our Website – and use the video chat menu to pick a date/time that works for you online. An email link will then be sent to you. At the selected date/time you use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop or computer with a camera and click the link and you’re in, no downloading of software is necessary. We will then discuss your particular situation and questions and determine if Bankruptcy would help.

Electronic Signatures

Typically, you must physically sign your petition of bankruptcy, now we can do that via a Video Chat.

Meeting of Creditors

Now the bankruptcy hearings are via phone conferencing, no attendance at the Federal Bankruptcy Courthouse in Concord, NH is necessary. You either participate by coming to our office and we do this with you over the phone with the Court, or you can participate remotely from your home.

Monthly Income

Your stimulus check and other payments issued by the Federal Government do not count towards your income. You do not need to worry about these payments affecting your eligibility to file for bankruptcy.

Filing for Bankruptcy in New Hampshire

If you need to file for bankruptcy in New Hampshire, let Seufert Law help. We will help you navigate the process so that you can regain financial freedom. Go to our website and set up a free video consultation.