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Ferries and Fairies

Ferries and Fairies – If you have travelled by car in and around the Outer Banks of NC you’ve probably travelled on one of their state run ferries. Hopping between the various islands and remote areas dotting NC’s eastern shore the ferries bring people and goods to waiting docks from the VA border to the SC border. There are 7 different routes, the longest ride being 2 ½ hours, the shortest only 20 minutes. The nice thing is that most rides are free, up to $15 for the longest rides, tractor trailers and other oversize vehicles extra. (at last check for similar ferry rides for our flatlander friends in MA from their mainland to local Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket try $100 – $400)

Back and forth the NC ferries steam, 365 days a year, rain or shine. The captain and crews are quite professional, sandwiching the cars and trucks to capacity so that most times you just drive up to the dock about 5 minutes before sailing and on you go. Once loaded you are free to roam about the ferry and grab snacks from their lounge.

So why does the headline of this article say Ferries and Fairies. Well that is a short children’s tale. See, most kids love fairies as fairies take they magic wand and sprinkle magic fairy dust making kid’s dreams come true. Well, much to the chagrin of the captain and crew, most parents give their kids bread and chips to throw off the back of the moving ferry to the swarming seagulls above. At the end of the day the crew, with mops and bucket, then get to clean up all that “magic fairy dust” that the seaguls leave behind.