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Autumn Driving Can Be Challenging – Beware of the Moose

Autumn Driving Can Be Challenging-Beware of the Moose

Cooler temperatures, vivid foliage, and shorter days signal the arrival of autumn, a season that challenges drivers in unique ways.

Fall weather can be unpredictable. In many areas of the country, sun, rain, fog, frost, ice, and snow are all part of the mix. Diminishing daylight equates to more nighttime driving and associated visibility issues. Fallen leaves can obscure traffic markings and hide potholes. Wet leaves can be as slick as ice.

During fall and winter, the sun is naturally lower in the sky than in the spring and summer, creating a lower angle of reflection that leads to blinding glare. The sun is back to rising in a similar angle as mid-Spring, right in your eyes. Driving can be downright treacherous. The effect is most intense 15‒45 minutes after sunrise and before sunset. It can strike from behind, too, reflecting off rear view mirrors and upcoming traffic lights.

Autumn also marks a rise in deer and moose related strikes. Increased deer and moose activity in the fall is due to breeding season. Males become bolder and less attentive, persistently seeking mates over a wider territory. If the females aren’t ready to breed, they’ll do whatever they can to get away. Both situations mean an increased frequency of road crossings. Hunting season stirs the pot as well. If one suddenly crosses your path, brake—don’t swerve—to maintain control of your car. If you see one, be on the lookout for more; they travel in groups.

Reduced speed, awareness of your surroundings, a good pair of sunglasses, and proper vehicle maintenance are excellent safety measures for fall driving, but other drivers need to follow suit. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, contact an auto accident attorney to protect your rights.


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